Legislation Technology Reports

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If you are looking for the career chance that combines law and technology, then you can be interested in the positioning of legislation technology information editor. Since the check this editor of law technology news, you’ll end up responsible for augmenting a consistent editorial voice across all LTN outlets. This position will also need you to manage a small staff of reporters and contributers. You can report to ALM’s senior managing. You will also be responsible for increasing traffic to LTN simply by developing content and promoting the various stores. As a member on the ALM personnel, you will also be anticipated to represent the ALM by various legal technology industry events and meetings. In addition , you may have to be able to sustain your publication plan while traveling. The ideal candidate will be technology-oriented and possess at least 5 many years of experience in journalism.

Beyond just the news regarding legal technology, Law Technology News features regular interviews with industry management and protects a wide range of subject areas, such as e-discovery, remote functioning, and GDPR. The blog also provides product walkthroughs and detailed coverage of legaltech conferences. It also includes podcasts and links to relevant blogs and websites.

Law Technology News reports on a landmark pilot project between the American Bar Union and Rocket Lawyer, which gives legal companies online. Its goal is definitely to boost accessibility to inexpensive legal products and services and help law firms build little firms by making use of technology. LTN editor-in-chief Monica Bay describes the ramifications of this collaboration, and examines how technology is changing the gardening.